With the exception of Dakota Tri-Wheel®, the Apple Game App, Gaming Studio works with regulated and licensed wagering markets through other licensed manufacturers and distributors.  However, we do have a few parts that are common to the mechanical wheels we had produced.  We will sell some parts here.

Note:  We do not provide gaming wheels or faces to gaming wheels.  If you are a licensed organization or distributor, please see International Gamco, Inc. for access to gaming wheels.

Race & Bearing Assembly

For the larger Tri-Wheels and Pig Wheels (40 - 42” diameter).  Meant for our 2” diameter center.  It has high-quality bearings pressed in. 

The assembly is machined specifically for our large wheels after years of development.  It is what gives our wheels the sweetest spin with a very gradual stop. 

We reserve the right to sell this only for use with wheels designed and produced directly by us or through our license.

$185.00 per

ItProduct ID:  RBA-L

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Paddle Assembly

Includes hardwood post, rubber strap and paddle.  We used the same assembly for our Mini-30 (18” wheels) and our larger wheels.  Not finished - you may finish accordingly.

We suggest you drill the strap on the post to where works best in your opinion.  Shallow paddle = better spin but longer time in spinning.  Your customers are probably used to exactly where you have it now.

Out bias is wood.  We like that it is recyclable and we most especially like the richer sound of the clack over say, the click or ping.

$18.00 per

Product ID:  PA-1

Paddle Posts

This is the part that sticks out perpendicular from the wheel mounting post to hold the paddle strap with the paddle.  It is hardwood and unfinished.

3/4” diameter and 4-1/2” long.

$6.00 per

Product ID:  PP-1

Paddle Strap

Deep in the land where paddlewheels are made, people get excited and even hot about the rubber straps used to suspend the paddle.  It is one of the most important little items to your wheel.

This is 6” long by 1/2” wide and 1/4” thick - three ply high-quality rubber.  It gives just the right lively, yet serious bounce to our paddles.  Sure, if you’re hanging a ten pound iron ingot to beat those pegs - this will not work so well.  But, for ours ... perfecto. 

$3.00 per

Product ID:  PS-1


2-1/4” long by 1/5” wide and 5/8” deep.  Hardwood unfinished.  Just the right sound to it ---- tuned by our paddle audio engineers.   Comes pre-drilled for strap installation. 

$10.00 per

Product ID:  P-1

Other Parts

You can try us at info@tri-wheel.com to see if we can meet your needs.  If it is one of our wheels, we can do it.  If it is some other wheel part, we can try.

Mini-30 Base/Stand

(Not pictured)

18” x 18” base painted black with the mounting hole in the center.

$15.00 per

Product ID:  M30-B-1

Mini-30 Mounting Post

(Not pictured)

1.5” x 3” x 30” high - finished in a natural covering.

$80.00 per

Product ID:  M30-MP-1

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

Bearing Replacement

We will replace the bearings you have for a Tri-Wheel® or Pig Wheel™ or similar sized wheels and for the Mini-30.

Contact us:  info@gamingstudio.com

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