The Tri-Wheel® line has expanded from the 1986 mechanical wheel to add electronic versions.  From the old single hand spun three rings with numbers scattered in non-sequential order to a game where you can track your bet selections as they slowly rise to prospective wins until that fateful click that, if it happens, dashes your hope --- for this spin.  We have watched people rise out of their chairs as their number comes closer and closer, ever so slowly to the possible very, very last click -- and slam back in frustration as the last click is one too many.  We can actually say that our game moves people. 

Welcome to our world of spinning lucky chances.  A world, we believe is so much more exciting than the blown balls accompanied by a flashboard number lighting up that you find in Keno or Lotto games.  All our chances to win are visible all of the time...

We are pleased to introduce:

     Dakota Tri-Wheel™ the Ipad edition of the Tri-Wheel® that you can play by yourself or set up the bank for a family tournament.  Even has the actual sound (adjustable volume) of one of our wood pegged, wood clapper wheels.   Go over to:  for a more thorough look at this game.

         Parlor Tri-Wheel™ A game that will sparkle a casino or charitable gaming site with rotating light and a subtle wooden paddle sound while still allowing you to converse with your friends and... just maybe... the wheel buys?  Tell your state regulatory officials that you want the Parlor Tri-Wheel to help raise money for your charity.

        Tri-Wheel Lotto™ Bringing your lottery something that actually works on television and the lottoesque odds that come with an outside chance of 1:64,000,000.

        Other editions are also coming.

Dakota Tri-Wheel™

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