Ok, it isn’t a Tri-Wheel, but it sure is popular in North Dakota.....The Pig Wheel - Parlor Edition can also work on the same network as the Parlor Edition Tri-Wheel™.

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Think a 70” monitor with simulated wheel spins every 5 minutes as the signal is received from the jurisdictional central computer.

Player selection form allowing for choices as to where and how many units wagered, the value of those units and the number of successive spins desired.

The form is provided to a cashier with payment for scanning.

Once the above Selection Form is scanned in, a machine printed ticket like that on left is produced as official.

The ticket is scanned for payoff.

Payouts for Parlor Edition Pig Wheel™

Eact number:  40 x 1

Odd/Even:  2 x 1

One Pig:  40 x 1

Blue or Pink Pig:  20 x 1

White Pig:  40 x 1

    Payout percentage:  88.89%

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