From 1986 the Minnesota Tri-Wheel® has been spinning a little fun into Minnesota bars, primarily in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  [Some of the locations]

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Very rare tribal casino version of the Tri-Wheel using custom colors.  This was a 14’ table operated by two people.  It was in play in 1986 or 1987 in Duluth at the Fond du Luth Casino.  Probably not in existence anymore as Minnesota tribes did not  compact for wheels.  One was sold to Mystic Lake, south of the Twin Cities and another went to Boise Forte, up by Virginia, MN.

The Tri-Wheel to the left is a Minnesota Tri-Wheel® with a North Dakota twist.  It is not played with tickets.  I believe you can find this at The Bowler in Fargo.

The Minnesota Tri-Wheel® to the right was in play in 1986 using the rectangular slotted table all the earlier wheels used.  This one was in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The Minnesota Tri-Wheel® slot detail can be seen above and to the left.  These tables are quite expensive to produce and all of them date back to the end of the century.

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