Is your lottery suffering from blown-ball-syndrome?

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Six random events - two in each graphic ring.

With the Parlor Edition of the Tri-Wheel™, you have the three rings independently conducting simulated spins decelerating as they approach the randomly generated target for each of the rings.  Now, with the Lotto Edition, just as the three rings slow to stop at their randomly generated target segments, the red triangles in each of the rings begin to expand and brighten in succession around the wheel -- faster in the beginning until, after they have passed their target (the winning number) three or four times, they decelerate to a stop.  This means each ring now has two randomly generated targets.

Guessing both randomly selected numbers in each of the three rings for one spin event is a 1 in 64,000,000 probability.

Lotto Player Selection Form (above)

Players pick up one of the selection forms and darken the dots associated with number in each of the tracks.  Note that Track A pertains to ring segments or numbers indicated by the simulated rotation of the segments containing numbers, while Track B pertains to the triangles and the numbers in the ring that the triangles of that ring point at as they appear to rotate.  Once you have selected your six numbers, one for each ring, you fill in the number of spins times $1 per spin and the total due.  Provide the form with the cash to a lottery terminal clerk and you will get a machine printed official ticket like that below. 

Lotto Tri-Wheel

Pay Table

The table to the left is just an illustration.  It is for a 70.5% payout with the odds of having any size winning ticket 1:5.  The top prize could accumulate or it could be static.  In every 64,000,000 chances sold, the various levels of win might pay the amounts indicated.  There are a great many different paytables that could be used. 

We believe there is more fun watching chances rotate into the possible, slowly coming closer, rising on the wheel -- anticipation growing -- until, until..............

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